My Aims & Priorities

Our core aims as councilmen for the Ward of Walbrook are to:

Promote the City:  we will work to promote and safeguard the City as the world’s leading international finance and business centre.

Maintain it as a great place to work and live:  we will work to maintain and improve the Ward’s and the City’s attractiveness to existing and new businesses as well as for residents.

Represent your views:  we will ensure the opinions of businesses and residents are heard and share the outcomes with you.

My priorities for Walbrook Ward’s successful future are:

To Maintain the City as a safe and secure place to work and live and to help ensure that the City Police can reduce terrorist threat, combat serious economic fraud and cyber crime

To Examine new building and refurbishment proposals so that the Ward improves and benefits

To Encourage improvements in retail and cultural activity in and around Walbrook

To Lobby for street cleansing, licensing and policing to keep pace with the increased activity in the Ward

To Monitor the impending trial changes to traffic at Bank Junction, and ensure your views are fully taken into account prior to and as part of the formal consultation on the long term options

To Encourage TfL to deliver the earliest possible improvements to public transport, particularly as part of the Bank Station upgrade

To Push for solutions to improve road safety for all users

To Support progress to improve air quality in the City and across London

To Encourage improved WiFi and Broadband provision

To Ensure we get the best use and return from the City’s assets to help fund services

Listening to You

I want to hear your views on my vision for Walbrook Ward.  Connect with me
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