Following the implementation of the measures to reduce traffic to buses and cycles across Bank Junction between Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm, the City of London Corporation has been looking at ways to further enhance the Bank Area and in particular to improve it for pedestrians.

Image showing proposed widening of footways and crossings at Bank junction

A report was approved at the 22 July 2019 Streets and Walkways Sub-Committee to provide an interim footway widening scheme, including wider pedestrian crossings at the junction and enhanced cycle advanced stop lines.

This work should begin in early 2020 and proposes to increase the areas of pedestrian footways and wider pedestrian crossing areas.

A summary of the work is as follows:

• Work to improve the Bartholomew Lane junction at Threadneedle Street will be completed before Christmas, narrowing the junction to improve the experience for people walking.

• The coloured areas show the proposed increased areas of footway and wider crossing areas. This provides a 52% increase in footway space around the main part of the junction. This work is likely to take approximately 6 months and is expected to be delivered during 2020.

• The work will require some weekend closures of the arms to traffic while work on the traffic signals is undertaken.

For further details of the times and dates of the delivery of this scheme, please see the Bank on Safety web page www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/